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DIY Roundup: Top 5 DIY Keychains

25 Oct

M&J Blog

There’s nothing better than having an adorable keychain to accompany your keys. We’ve been scouting out some DIY keychains lately, and thought we would share our favorites with you. From animals to feathers, there are some pretty cute ideas, so check them out below! Which one do you like the best?

DIY Leather Heart Key Ring by Love Maegan

DIY Animal Keychain by Between the Lines

DIY Feather Keychain by Free People Blog

DIY Leather Tassel Keychain by Little Green Notebook

DIY Sailor Knot Keychain by Michael Ann Made

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A Sweet Escape {Pumpkin Mousse and Ginger Snap w/Bourbon Parfaits}

25 Oct

Sweet And Crumby

Escapism. Everyone needs it now and then. A time and place to let go of what’s on your mind and just be in the moment. For a lot of people, it’s running…that feeling of being “in the zone”, for others it’s a hot bath and wine.  For me it’s baking. And when Friday rolled around, I knew I needed to get cooking so I broke out a can of  pumpkin puree and began my escape.

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Got some news today…

19 Oct

Teh Geek Dump

Been feeling bad. Been sick. Went to clinic. Saw doctor and doctor said can no help. Incurable.  Doctor say it bad. He say I zombie. Guess bite was bad. That explain brain want. Good news… zombie in time for Halloween!

World is different place now. Want brains. Can’t run fast. Still upsides. Stronger. Don’t need sleep. Brains low in saturated fat and losing weight… and body parts. Decided look on bright side. Life as zombie not so bad. Fire bad. FIRE BAD! Thank readers for support. Keep reading zombie blog for update on what it like to be zombie and usual internet silly. Now time for baking!

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Picture of the day

4 Oct

Looking Up In Chattanooga – Hamilton Co. Courthouse

4 Oct

Indelible Musings

Hamilton Country Tennessee plans 100-year courthouse anniversary next year.

Recently, on a walk downtown, I snapped some photos of the courthouse.  It was not the first courthouse on the site, another building burned there after serving only 31 years.

In 1879, a striking new courthouse was erected on the hill by Georgia Avenue, Walnut Street and Sixth and Seventh Streets. Featuring a 6,000-pound clock in an ornate four-sided tower, marble-top wash stands and large potbelly stoves, it was considered a masterpiece.

This courthouse burned on May 8, 1910 when lightning struck its clock tower at 9:40 p.m. Though engulfed in fire, the tower clock struck 10 p.m. on the dot as its final hail to Chattanooga before tumbling to the ground in a mass of charred metal.

On June 21, 1911, county officials selected Reuben Harrison Hunt as the architect for the new courthouse, to be built on the same…

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Evanescence – Bring Me To Life

4 Oct

Cake Decorating 101

4 Oct

Every needs to get the 101

The Cheese Log

Last night was my first cake decorating class.

Our instructor is a wonderful Greek lady named Mata. She’s a professional European pastry chef. One of the first things she said was that this class is not meant to be stressful. “You’re supposed to come here to relax.” Sweet.

The first  thing we learned was the proper technique for using the star tip.  We practiced on some sugar cookies.

It was pretty fun! I’ve never taking a culinary class before, and I’ve always wanted to. Working with icing and cookies, it wasn’t long before all my work stress evaporated.

My mom and I are taking it together. I’m a baker and she’s an artist, so perhaps together we could make some spectacular cakes. That is the goal, anyways. It was my mom’s idea for us to take the class, and I’m very glad she pushed for it. I would never have…

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